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10 Recommendations for Coffee Beans and Coffee Powder (Latest in 2019)

10 Recommendations for Coffee Beans and Coffee Powder (Latest in 2019)

Now, you can enjoy a cup of good coffee at home with coffee and coffee powder products that are already widely available on the market, from conventional stores to online shops. However, from the many types of coffee available, can you confidently choose the coffee that should be purchased?

This time, we will introduce coffee products that are now popular, such as Coffee Toffee, JJ Royal Coffee, and others, while explaining how to choose coffee. Check out this article to the end and find the coffee that best suits your taste.

How to choose coffee beans and coffee powder
Quality coffee beans and coffee powders are determined based on the production area, roasting rate balance, and other factors. It's a good idea to pay attention to the following points before buying your favorite coffee beans or coffee powder.

Choose based on the frequency of drinking and the tools you have
Next we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of coffee in the form of seeds or powder. Read carefully and determine the characteristics of your favorite coffee yourself!

Coffee beans, recommendations for you that are concerned with taste and freshness
For those of you who already have your own coffee grinder, we highly recommend coffee in the form of seeds. Coffee in the form of seeds is easily stored and the freshness will be maintained so you do not need to worry if you buy large quantities at once.

The rather troublesome part is that you have to grind the coffee beans every time you want to enjoy a cup of coffee. Even so, the taste of steeping is certainly better when compared to steeping coffee powder. If you are very concerned about taste problems, there is no harm in choosing coffee beans. However, don't forget that you will need a coffee grinder too, huh.

Coffee powder, easy to serve and ideal for those of you who don't want to bother
Coffee that has been ground into powder has advantages in terms of practicality because you can just brew it when you want to enjoy a cup of coffee. We recommend this powdered coffee for those of you who often drink coffee every day and for those of you who don't want to bother making coffee. However, the quality of coffee powder declines faster than coffee in the form of seeds so that the quality of taste will also change over time.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the quantity of coffee powder you want to buy and how to store it properly so that the taste is maintained. You could say, although easily presented, coffee powder is quite troublesome in terms of storage. If you need a reference in maintaining the freshness of coffee powder for consumption every day, please see how to store it, which we will explain in detail at the end of this article.

Choose based on the taste you like
The most important thing you need to consider when choosing coffee beans or coffee powder is the taste. To find out whether the taste of coffee is according to your taste, see and pay attention to the following points before buying.

Know the area for producing coffee beans and coffee powder
In general, coffee is divided into two types based on the composition of the raw material. First, products that only use one type of coffee bean are called single origin. Then, there is also coffee that uses several types of coffee beans, better known as coffee blends.

The taste of single-origin coffee is easily understood by knowing the characteristics of the coffee production area, which is usually written on the packaging. On the other hand, the taste of the coffee blend is not easy to assess only from the packaging or product description because the mix ratio of coffee beans depends on the producer.

Therefore, it is important to ensure raw materials and check the area of ​​origin of coffee beans. There are also products that list the composition of the coffee mix with the type or name of a known area, such as Mocha Blend, Kilimanjaro Blend, and so on. It's good if you actively read the information written on the packaging.

Pay attention to the level of roasting to strike a balance between bitter and sour taste
The roasting process is one of the important elements that determine the taste of coffee. You will tend to choose coffee carelessly if you don't pay too much attention to this. One thing you need to remember is the bitter and sour taste of coffee depending on the length of the roasting process of coffee beans.

Coffee light roast, cinnamon roast, roast medium, etc., are coffee with a short roasting process. Coffee with a roasting process like this has a strong acidity that is suitable to be enjoyed as black coffee and american coffee. Whereas high roast and city roast have a balance between sour taste and good bitter taste. Coffee with the roasting process is commonly found in coffee products in general.

French roast is an example of coffee with a long roasting process. When mixed with milk, it will be very suitable to enjoy café au lait. There is also Italian roast with a very strong bitter taste and better known as espresso. Because the roasting rate can affect the taste of the coffee, make sure you check the roasting rate in the coffee brand first!

Know the taste of coffee by peering at reviews from consumers
Even if you have ascertained the brand and the level of roasting of coffee, you will not know what it's like if you don't try it directly. If you buy coffee in a conventional shop, you can choose directly from the aroma. However, you cannot do this if you buy online. The solution, read reviews from consumers to find out the taste of the coffee!

Because people's tastes are different, there will certainly be a variety of reviews, both from consumers who like and those who don't like the product. Many helpful reviews about the description of coffee flavor, such as reviews that explain sour taste, freshness, even comparison with other products.

You can also find reviews according to your favorite way to enjoy coffee, such as the ideal coffee enjoyed as a café au lait, black coffee, etc., to be used as a reference. This method may be a little inconvenient, but to get coffee that tastes according to your taste, it requires effort.

Choose coffee products that are the way you drink them
In addition to the points mentioned above, choosing coffee beans and coffee powder according to the method of drinking that you like is also one of the ways that can be taken. For more detailed information, see the following review.

Check changes in coffee flavor when enjoyed with added milk or sugar
Some coffee beans and coffee powder are specially made to be delicious when mixed with milk or sugar. When enjoyed as a black coffee or café au lait, coffee will be very different in terms of taste and aroma. You also need to pay attention to the changes in taste and aroma when choosing coffee beans or coffee powder.

Adjust product choices to the temperature of the drink you want to enjoy
When choosing a coffee product, the temperature of the coffee drink you want to enjoy is also a determining factor. The taste of coffee will change when enjoyed in hot or cold conditions based on the level of roasting of coffee beans. In Indonesia alone, the majority of coffee is enjoyed hot so this time, we will only recommend coffee beans and delicious coffee powder served in hot conditions.

10 Best recommendations for coffee beans and coffee powder
Following this we will recommend the best quality coffee and coffee bean products. Please use this article as a reference to find your favorite coffee beans or coffee powder!

10. Coffee Toffee Java Mocha
Enjoy the accent of tobacco aroma mixed with a gentle herbal aftertaste!

This product from Coffee Toffee is a coffee with special quality because the coffee beans used are 100% selected Arabica coffee beans. You will feel the sensation of tobacco-scented coffee when you sip this coffee for the first time.

In addition, you will also feel the pleasure of the herbal taste aftertaste that is gently left in the mouth. Suitable for those of you who want unique coffee with a distinctive aroma and flavor of spices, in a medium sour flavor.

Coffee coffee powder
Origin of Javanese coffee beans
Medium roast roasting level

9. Northsider Java Malabar Process Red Honey
The red honey process produces strong sweet coffee

The fertile highlands, medium rainfall, and cool temperatures are the best places for growing coffee plants. From one of the best places, these Java Malabar coffee beans come from. No wonder if this quality coffee bean produces a fragrance that is so fragrant and refreshing when brewed.

Besides being superior in quality, coffee processed by the red honey method produces a strong sweet taste with a balanced acidity. This product is sold no more than 45 days after the roasting process of coffee beans so that it is suitable for those of you who want to taste the delicious fresh roasted coffee with sweet and syrupy taste.

Coffee beans
Origin of the Malabar Mountains coffee beans
Grilling level Medium-light roast

8. Lintong Arabica Coffee Land
Typical Lake Toba coffee with tempting chocolate and peanuts

For those of you who love true coffee, try coffee with this high level of acidity and thickness. Feel also the sensation of delicious chocolate aroma just after you brew this coffee product. The combination of herbal, nutty and spicy flavors will also be left behind long in the mouth after you drink it.

This complex taste makes the coffee bitter taste so it is ideal for those of you who don't like the bitter taste of coffee too much. Then, this product is also more durable because it is packaged using an aluminum bag with a one-way valve.

Coffee coffee powder
Origin of Lintong coffee beans, North Sumatra
Grilling level Not specified

7. Hello Koffi 100% Flores Arabica Yellow Caturra
Rare coffee beans are yellow with the sweet aroma of caramel and fruits

This product is fairly rare because the coffee beans are only harvested from ± 700 coffee tree trunks that grow in one village in eastern Indonesia. In contrast to ordinary red coffee beans when they are ripe, these coffee beans are actually yellow, with the sweet aroma of caramel and fruits when brewed with coffee powder.

In addition to aroma, also enjoy the combination of citrus flavor, caramel, and complex chocolate in your mouth. Meanwhile, the texture is ideal for you lovers of full body coffee with high acidity. We also recommend coffee that does not leave a sticky feeling to the throat for those who like clean after taste.

Coffee beans
Origin of Beiwali Village coffee beans, Mangarai Flores, East Nusa Tenggara
Medium roast roasting level

6. Morello Coffee Papua Wamena
Delicious coffee from the east, without preservatives and is comfortable in the stomach

Coffee powder from Morello Coffee has gone through a good processing, such as cleaning and special roasting to produce quality and hygienic products. Coffee that is 100% natural without additives, such as preservatives, flavorings, and coloring, makes this eastern Indonesian specialty coffee safe for daily consumption.

Feel also the sensation of the pleasure of the aroma of chocolate and floral, sour taste and the right thickness, typical of Papua Wamena coffee. The level of acidity that is not too high is also comfortable in the stomach. So that freshness is maintained, don't forget to prepare containers or airtight jars to store them, huh.

Coffee coffee powder
Origin of Papua coffee beans
Medium-dark roast roasting level

5. Leite Coffee Co Bali Kintamani
Don't like the bitter taste of coffee? Try this coffee with the taste of fresh oranges!

Commodity coffee of the Island of the Gods is famous for its fresh flavor and aroma because it is planted together with various vegetables and fruits. One of them is a product with the distinctive taste and aroma of this one fresh orange.

In addition to the unique accent, CoBali Kintamani Leite Coffe does not have the taste of spices as in most coffees in Indonesia. You can brew it with the V60 method so that the fresh taste and aroma of fruits from coffee is increasingly dominant. This is the right coffee to be enjoyed by you who doesn't like the bitter and earthy aroma of coffee.

Coffee beans
Origin of Kintamani coffee beans
Medium roast roasting level

4. Otten Toraja Arabica Sapan Kopi
Enjoy the spicy sweet taste combined with the strong aftertaste in a cup of coffee

Earthy smells like the smell of soil, when splashed with rain, will be smelt when you open the product packaging from Otten. Not only that, the herbal aroma will also be felt when you sip this coffee. After enjoying it until it's finished, the dark chocolate fragrance will remain on the pulp.

Coffee with special characteristics is ideal for those of you who really like high acidity coffee with unique flavors and aromas. For those of you fans of strong aftertaste, brewing using the portable french press coffee maker can be an option. Good luck!

Coffee coffee powder
Origin of Sapan coffee beans, North Toraja
Medium roast roasting level

3. Arabica Sidikalang Premium Coffee
The taste of coffee is more maximal thanks to roasting using Probatone 12

Using export-quality coffee beans that are manually selected, this product offers truly premium arabica coffee. Because it is roasted using Probatone 12, the aroma and taste of the coffee is perfectly controlled, resulting in a stronger taste. No wonder the pleasure has been felt since the first sip.

The character of this product is a slightly shiny seed, thick texture after brewing, and balanced acidity. Its specialty is making coffee widely used in cafes on Java, Bali and Sumatra. Those of you who want to enjoy high-quality coffee like in expensive and classy cafes, this coffee can be tried.

Coffee beans
Origin of coffee beans Sidikalang, North Sumatra
Full city roast roasting level

2. Sentra of Aceh Gayo Arabica Coffee Coffee
Slow roasted process keeps the taste authentic to produce high-quality coffee

Made with 100% arabica coffee without mixture, this coffee is also processed using the slow roast method using a special roaster machine. The process is only carried out by experienced experts so that the taste is maintained, even claimed to be premium quality coffee.

The process of sending coffee powder from Sentra Kopi is no more than seven days after roasting, to ensure that you can always enjoy the best fresh coffee. For those of you who want to be more practical in enjoying coffee, but still prioritize the freshness of coffee, this product is the right choice!

Coffee coffee powder
Origin of coffee beans Bener Meriah, Takengon, Central Aceh
Medium dark roast roasting level

1. JJ Royal Coffe 100% Pure Luwak Bean Tin

Unique and rare quality premium coffee, now you can enjoy at home
Luwak coffee is one of the rare and most expensive coffee in the world because the manufacturing process is classified as unique. Who would have thought if the raw material came from coffee beans that had passed through the digestive system of the mongoose! However, there is no need to worry because every JJ Royal Coffee product has gone through a strict cleaning process.

Then, you can be more relieved because this pure civet coffee has been certified halal. A soft coffee flavor with a low acidity level will make you fall in love since the first time you sip it. You fans of civet coffee with premium quality, must try 100% Luwak Bean Tin Pure.

Coffee beans
Origin of Indonesian coffee beans
Medium roast roasting level

How to store coffee beans and coffee powder
In order to maintain the freshness of coffee beans and coffee powder, it is important to always pay attention to how they are stored. Therefore, we will summarize the points that need to be considered, to maintain the freshness of your favorite coffee beans and coffee powder. Don't miss it, huh!

For long-term storage, put it in a closed container and store it in the freezer
The freshness of coffee beans stored in a dark room at room temperature will last about a week after you open the package. If you need more than a week to enjoy it, run it into a closed container and store it in the freezer. On the other hand, regardless of the time of serving, always keep coffee powder in the freezer because the freshness decreases faster than the coffee beans.

Because the coffee beans stored in the freezer can last for three months, you should also pay attention to the quantity of purchases based on the portion of coffee beans that you grind at home every day. Meanwhile, coffee powder only lasts for one month even though it is stored in the freezer so you must take into account the purchase quantity and be careful in storing it.

To last longer, divide into servings once
Various types of containers that can be tightly closed can be used to store coffee beans or coffee powder into the refrigerator. However, it would be better if you use a freezer bag or the like, then divide it into servings once. Apart from making it easier for you when brewing coffee, the freshness of coffee will also last longer.

Unlike frozen food, you don't have to wait for coffee to return to room temperature when you want to process it into a drink. So, being processed straight away after being removed from the freezer is not a problem.

So how to choose coffee beans and coffee powder that you can make a reference, as well as the best products that you can buy through an online shop. Coffee beans and coffee powders have their respective features, ranging from taste to ease of presentation.

The taste of coffee depends on the production area and the level of roasting, as well as the concoction of the producer. In addition, it's always a good idea to check consumer reviews to find out the taste and aroma of a coffee product. Hopefully this article is useful for you in choosing delicious coffee!

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