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Damage that often occurs in Canon printers and how to overcome them

Damage that often occurs in Canon printers and how to overcome them

Printers have been widely used by many private companies and government agencies. This device is indeed very important especially in matters of documentation. Solid office activities require this tool to work without stopping. This greatly affects the printer's performance. So the possibility of damage to the printer is very large. Damage occurs to one component or part of the printer. But it is very possible for damage to occur more than one printer.

The following parts of the printer are often damaged:
The mainboard is the core component and parent of a printer. The price is also not cheap aka expensive. The mainboard is in charge of managing all work orders and is a place where mechanical and processed movements of all data are here. Damage to the printer on the mainboard:
The diode on the mainboard was damaged and caused the machine on the mainboard to die overall.
The damaged mainboard will also have a problem because the mainboard cannot detect printer ink. This is indicated by the broken part of the fusen.

Head and Cartridge
It can be referred to as the brain from the output/output of the printer. Print text and image commands are printed as hard files here. Problems with printer damage that often occur in the head cartridge are hard file prints with lines. Even the damage caused the ink to not come out at all. This is certainly a problem that will be very troublesome. So that routine maintenance is needed for this component.

The encoder serves as a timer on the head. This component is not found in several types of printers. It is located behind the head and brushes on the cartridge. Printer damage that occurs in this section is usually:
The head or cartridge moves right and left very quickly
The printout in the form of textual content or images dragging and shading aside
This usually happens because this part is dirty or damaged.

Sensor Paper
The working principle of this tool is as a detector or detector there is or no paper to be printed. This tool is also in charge of detecting the size of a paper. This tool is located on the top of the roller or side of the paper puller. Printer damage that often occurs: "paper jam" is information that appears on the screen. This means that there are traces of paper stuck in the printer. This will cause problems with the printer. There is a warning about the led lights in the paper when this problem occurs.

Paper Pulling Rollers
This tool serves to pull paper on the printer. Common problems in this section such as Rubber on the roll has thinned and as a result, the printer will pull more than one sheet of paper can not even pull paper at all.

energy supply
electricity supply plays an important role in the operation of the printer. In charge of providing power to turn on the printer, the printer components are also supplied with voltage from this part. Printer damage that often occurs in strength supply: No power deliver function will cause the printer to function completely.

Flexible cable
Very rarely does this problem often occur. But the damage to the printer in this section is likely to occur such as:
It cannot detect cartridges even though other cartridges have been replaced.
If the encoder sensor has not been ascertained its feasibility. This will affect the Head of the cartridge that will shift right and left the right slide.

Timing Disk
Medium paper quality and photos greatly affect the speed of the road when printing. This component serves as a time lag regulator when the printer starts to pull paper. That's the use of timing disks, although not all printers install these components into it. Printer damage often occurs:
Printed images or text shaded downward
Roller timing is very fast. This is indicated by the indicator light is on for about 3 seconds.
Washing ink stains attached to the timing disk can reduce and minimize problems that occur in this component.

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