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10+ Types of Nusantara Coffee, Number 7 Most Expensive Coffee in theWorld

10+ Types of Nusantara Coffee, Number 7 Most Expensive Coffee in theWorld

The types of Nusantara Coffee are very large in number but few are favored by coffee lovers.

Talk about Indonesia's wealth and grace as if it were endless.

Starting from ancient times Indonesia is famous for its natural wealth and spices.

One of them is Indonesian coffee which is already well-known and has become an attraction for foreign tourists to visit Indonesia.

Today Indonesia ranks fourth among the best coffee producing countries in the world.

I am very proud of this achievement. Although we can actually be the best in the world,

The first best coffee producing country in the world is Brazil followed by Vietnam and Colombia.

Let's discuss the best types of Indonesian coffee known to the whole world.

1. Gayo Coffee
Types of Coffee - Gayo Coffee is a type of Arabica coffee that is well known in various parts of the world.

This coffee is produced in central Aceh in precisely the Gayo plateau.

It is on the gayo highlands that this is the center of plantations and the best coffee production in the world.

According to international studies, Gayo Arabica coffee has the most distinctive taste and is favored compared to Arabica coffee grown elsewhere.

Gayo coffee has a high taste, with a delicious and distinctive aroma, lower acidity and strong bitterness.

With the various pleasures and distinctive aroma of Gayo Arabica coffee, the international world has awarded Fair Trade Certified ™ as a form of appreciation for Gayo Arabica coffee as the best coffee in the world.

Gayo Arabica coffee has now been exported to various countries such as Asia, America, and Europe.

As one of the promising commodities as one of the country's revenues.

Well, as a good Indonesian citizen it is certainly a necessity to support these coffee farmers to continue to produce the world's best coffee beans.

2. Toraja coffee
Toraja coffee is produced from the South Sulawesi region in the Toraja mountains.

The Toraja Mountains are very special, the land is flourishing, the proof is that the two best types of coffee in the world can be produced at once, namely Arabica Toraja Coffee and Robusta Arabica Coffee.

The difference between the 2 types of Toraja coffee is found in caffeine produced in each type of Toraja coffee.

This coffee has a high level of acidity.

The taste is that it has soil, unique and distinctive to be the main characteristic of this Toraja coffee.

You will be surprised when you first try it. Your tongue will feel a bitter taste that disappears for a moment which leaves no trace of a bitter taste on the tongue.

This taste is favored by domestic and foreign coffee connoisseurs.

3. Kintamani Coffee
Kopi Kintamani - In addition to tourist charm that is very famous in the world. Bali also has hidden gems which are the best coffee producers in the world.

In the Kintamani area, Bali has coffee that has distinctive features from the others.

The flavor of coffee here is mixed with the taste of fruit that is not owned by other regions.

Acidity mixes with a fresh taste of unique taste.

This is caused by a system of planting coffee beans that are mixed with a variety of vegetables or commonly called intercropping systems.

If you like the aroma of fresh and sour coffee.

You can try Kintamani coffee as an alternative that is right for your day.

4. Flores Coffee
Many of us know that Flores has a charming beauty to visit it.

In addition to having its natural beauty, Flores also has a typical Flores coffee which is found in the Ngada plain in East Nusa Tenggara.

This area of ​​Flores also contributes to the best coffee archipelago known to the world.

Coffee in Flores grows well because of the volcanic ash from the volcano.

Arabica coffee is a type of Flores coffee. Scented with fruit and added tobacco after drinking it.

You will be impressed after drinking this coffee.

5. Javanese coffee
Java coffee began to be known to the world since the 17th century. At that time the Dutch began planting Java coffee beans in Java and made it the largest producer of coffee in the world at that time.

Even though there are many types of coffee, Java coffee is still the main choice for Dutch officials.

Of the many coffees in the archipelago, I honestly fell in love with this coffee.

This coffee is thinly flavored with spices. Through a wet milling process that makes it very different and interesting to taste.

In the ijen mountains, Banyuwangi, East Java, this world-class Arabica Java coffee is produced perfect for true coffee lovers.

6. Lanang Coffee
The creation of the word lanang coffee is because the coffee beans are ground, single and there is no middle hemisphere as in coffee beans in general.

The word "lanang" is a Javanese term to indicate that it is "male."

And it's true that coffee is one of the benefits of increasing male vitality.

No wonder this coffee costs more than other coffees.

This type of coffee can produce lanang robusta coffee and lanang arabica coffee.

This coffee was very popular in the days of Dutch rule.

You must taste this lanang coffee to try its properties.

7. Civet Coffee
When we discuss coffee in the archipelago, it doesn't seem complete if we don't know this one coffee.

This coffee is the target of coffee lovers around the world.

Very limited production makes this coffee rare and very expensive to taste a cup of civet coffee.

Luwak coffee is produced from a unique process.

The history of the creation of civet coffee is that in the Dutch era the farmers were not allowed to taste the coffee that had been planted.

One time the farmers saw the civet or ferret eating coffee beans.

It turns out that this mongoose cannot digest the coffee beans it eats.

Judging from the results of the manure which still leaves the coffee beans that they plant.

Farmers who have high curiosity want to taste coffee.

Boiling the coffee beans and it turns out to produce a high-flavored coffee dish to date.

Civet coffee is the best and most expensive coffee in the world today and of course authentic Indonesian products. We also sell raw coffee beans that are ready to accompany your day.

8. Wamena Coffee
Wamena coffee thrives in the mountains of Wamena and is one of Indonesia's coffee producers.

Having a mild aroma and having a fragrant characteristic in each coffee bean is the character of the Wamena coffee.

Farmers in Wamena still use organic ingredients to plant their coffee beans.

So the original coffee will taste, light without pulp, fragrant and leave no sour taste on the tongue.

Wamena coffee types are still relatively difficult to distribute.

9. Coffee Sidikalang
Sidikalang coffee is the best coffee in Indonesia, next with a good taste.
This coffee is very popular with true coffee lovers from both the archipelago and overseas.

Because of its high quality, Sidikalang coffee is the main competitor of Brazil coffee.

This coffee has the most refined texture among the world's coffee types.

Sidikalang Coffee is the best choice when accompanying Soremu.

These types of coffee are very easy for you to find in various places in Indonesia.

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