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11 Cause The Printer Cannot Print and How to Solve It

11 Cause The Printer Cannot Print and How to Solve It

The printer is a computer output device that functions as a tool for printing documents or information that is available from a computer. The existence of a printer allows us to print a document or other things from inside the computer into a text, image, and photo.

Some printers currently have integrated scans installed on the printer device as a single unit that complements the features of the printer as a printing machine. As one part of the input and output devices of computer printers, it is one of the essential components that provide many benefits for computer users.

Common Problems Found in Printers in General
Just like all other hardware, printers are not free from problems. The problem that is often encountered by computer users who want to print something using a printer is a situation where their printer cannot print something. The cause of a jammed printer is not only caused by one factor but can also consist of several factors which influence each other

There are many factors that can cause this, ranging from simple things such as software setup issues to damaged parts of the printer or computer. Problems with printers that cannot do printing that occur in software usually can be solved with easy solutions such as restarting your computer. Whereas to overcome the problems that exist in the hardware or hardware section, it usually takes several steps to overcome your jammed printer.

Cause The Printer Cannot Print
The following are 11 causes of the printer being unable to print normally found.

The power cable on the Printer is not properly connected to the power source.
The printer power cable that is not well connected to an electrical power source can make your printer unable to print. Therefore if your printer cannot do the printing process. The first thing you can do is check whether the power cable on the printer is properly connected or not.

The printer has not been turned on when printing.
Just like the problems that existed before. If your printer has not been turned on then this device will not be able to process the printing. To find out this, make sure the power button on the printer is on. You can follow the way to overcome the printer offline if there is something that makes your printer not be turned on.

The printer and computer connecting cables are not properly connected.
A USB cable that is connected between a printer and a computer or laptop is used to connect these two devices. Through the USB cable, the computer can instruct the printer to process the printing of files that you want to print on the computer. Try checking whether the pre-wired cable is properly connected to your USB port.

Printer driver that is not installed or has a problem.
Make sure that your computer has a printer driver that matches your computer or laptop. If the printer driver on your laptop is not in accordance with the specifications on your printer or has problems when installed. Your computer or laptop cannot give commands to the printer to do the printing process

Incorrect printer settings.
Printer settings that are not right can make your computer or laptop cannot do commands to make your printer print something. To fix it, you can change the printer settings that you want to use to be the default printer and in addition, make sure that the printer connection port that is set on your computer does not have problems so that it can communicate properly.

Insufficient data storage capacity
Insufficient data storage capacity will make your printer unable to send command information to do the printing process to your printer. To overcome this, you can try how to deal with printer not responding. Besides this, you can also provide additional space for the storage media that you use by deleting some files on your laptop or computer.

Cartridge is not properly installed on the printer device.
This problem can also be the reason the printer cannot print. Cartridges that are not installed properly can make the mechanism of the printer not work properly and to fix it you need to properly replace the cartridge that is on the printer device.

The cartridge is damaged.
Damaged cartridges can also make the printer mechanism not work properly and will make the printer unable to print. You can try to repair the cartridge if you have confidence that you can fix it. The easiest alternative that you can do is to replace the damaged cartridge with the new cartridge.

The printer has a paper clock.
Paper hours that occur in the printer can be caused by the presence of paper or other objects that are stuck on the inside of the printer mechanism that you are using. To overcome this you must remove the piece of paper that is stuck inside. Do it carefully so as not to damage the paper pulling roll inside the printer section.

Paper used to print too much or too thick.
The printer also cannot print multiple papers at once and also paper with a certain thickness. Most printers have a maximum paper limit that can be loaded in the printing process. If the paper capacity is loaded or the thickness of the paper used in the printing process exceeds the specifications of the printer, the printer device will not be able to process the printing. Therefore it is important to note that it is not a good thing to force your printer to print many things simultaneously.

Roll the damaged Paper Puller on the printer.
Roll of damaged paper puller on the printer can make the printing process carried out by the printer jammed and cannot even be used to do the printing process. To solve the problem of a damaged paper pull roll on the printer you can start by checking the performance of the roll printer that is on the printer. Try printing something through the printer that you want to check. If your roll printer has a problem then this device will be able to rotate as usual but will not be able to pull the paper on the printer. To fix this you need to replace the paper pulling roll with the new one.

That's 11 causes the printer can't print. See you again in the next discussion

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