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12 Causes of Printer Loss and How to Overcome It

12 Causes of Printer Loss and How to Overcome It

Printer is one type of computer peripherals that has the function of printing documents from a computer to paper media or the like. By using a printer we can print various reports, images, and photos. The type of printer that is most widely used today is an inkjet printer (read: the advantages of a laser printer over an inkjet). Inkjet printers print by spraying ink from the cartridge onto paper or other print media. You should not touch the printing results immediately, because the results of printing using an inkjet printer take some time before the ink dries.

In the head cartridge, there are small holes with a diameter of less than 0.1 millimeters. Through these holes, ink is sprayed. these holes are very small, so blockages often occur. Usually, the blockage is caused by a dry pile of ink. This blockage causes the ink to come out unstable, so the printing results will break up or not even exit the alias cannot print (read also: how to overcome the printer error).

Apart from the problems described above, there are many other problems that make the printer unable to print or jam. In this article, the lecturer will discuss the causes of printer jams and how to overcome them to help those of you who are experiencing problems with the printer, or as a reference to increase your knowledge.

The Printer Is Still In A Dead State
The first reason you need to check when your computer is stuck and can't print is that the printer is still off. If the printer is indeed dead, of course the printer will not be able to print. Check the electricity in your home, whether it is on or not, then check the socket is in good condition (flowing electric current) or not. Also, check the power cable connected to the printer, and make sure the printer's power button is on (On position).

Printer Connection to Disconnected Computer
Disconnection from the printer can be caused by a USB cable printer that has a problem with the printer with a computer (data cable). Check the USB cable that connects the printer to the computer, whether the data cable is in good condition or not. Check the data cable again, make sure it is installed correctly. You can try using another data cable to find out whether the data cable is indeed a problem or not.

The printer driver has a problem
Troubled printer drivers can cause problems in the process of sending data from the computer to the printer until the printer is disconnected. Make sure that the printer driver is installed first because if the diver is not installed, the printer cannot be used. After that, check the driver's condition, by trying to run the software. You can try to reinstall the driver to make sure that the installed printer driver is not problematic (read also: how to deal with printer not responding).

Ink runs out
If the ink runs out, the printer will not be able to print documents. The printer will still run, but there will be no text or images printed on the paper. Remember when you last filled the ink, refill if you really feel the ink has run out. To be sure you can check the link in the cartridge if the head cartridge is dry the ink is likely to run out. If you use ink infusion it will be easier to check, just by looking at the contents of your printer ink cartridge. better refill the ink before it runs out when the ink is about 20% to make the cartridge more durable.

Cartridge not installed properly
A cartridge that is not properly installed will cause the printer to jam and will not work. To overcome this you have to open the cartridge and put it back in, make sure the cartridge is installed correctly.

Dirty cartridge - head cleaning
A dirty cartridge will cause striped prints (read: how to deal with striped print results) or broken, to overcome this you can try to do head cleaning first. The way to run the printer maintenance application on the computer, then click head cleaning. Do two or three times head cleaning, then check the results. If it is still not resolved, try removing the cartridge from the printer, and manually cleaning the cartridge head by wiping it with a clean sheet.

Dry ink
Dry ink will clog the ink spraying holes on the cartridge head. so the printer jams or fails to print the document. To overcome it you try to do deep cleaning first, or handle it manually. To fix this manually, remove the cartridge from the printer. Be careful not to hold the chip on the cartridge (read also: the cause of the striped printer).

Prepare warm water in a bowl, then dip the tip of the cartridge into it. Don't let the water touch the chip. Then shake the cartridge until the ink on the cartridge melts. Do this several times using new water (replace the water). After that lift and dry the cartridge with a wipe or a clean, soft cloth. Make sure the cartridge is completely dry before putting it back into the printer.

Cartridge not detected (damaged)
If the cartridge is not detected even though it has tried cleaning as described above, it is possible that the cartridge has been damaged. To overcome this you have to replace it with a new cartridge (read also: how to repair the cartridge).

The printer exceeds the printing limit (must be reset)
The printer has a number of printing limits, this limit is set by the printer manufacturer for several reasons. If the limit has been exceeded, the printer will jam and won't print again. To overcome this, you can try to reset the printer using the resetter software that is widely available on the internet.

Paper Jam
Paper jam is caused by the presence of paper or other objects that carry inside the printer. To overcome this you must remove the paper stuck. First, turn off the printer and disconnect the power cable and data cable connected to the printer. Open the casing or the top cover of the printer, then open the file separator. Hold the clogged paper and pull it gently until all parts of the paper come out. Return the paper separator to its original position, then replace the lid or the printer case. Paper trapping usually occurs when paper is curly or sticks to other paper.

Paper loaded too much, or thick.
The printer has a limit on how much paper is loaded into it. If the paper is loaded too much, the roll will have difficulty pulling paper because the paper is stacked too dense. To overcome this you should reduce the amount of paper loaded. Paper that is too thick can also cause the roll or paper pulling wheel to not pull paper. You can because the roll strength is lacking or because the space in the printer is inadequate. To overcome this, use paper that is thinner.

The paper roll is broken
The jamming of the printer can also be caused by damage to the roll of paper pulling wheel or because of a disturbance that causes the rollability to weaken. To overcome this, first check whether there is a disturbance on the roll, for example, there is an object that is involved in the drive wheel so that the wheels cannot work. You can check it by opening the printer cover, and checking the paper entry and exit path. Note also whether there is damage to the roll, for example, the hook is broken or other. If the roll is indeed damaged, you can't help but replace it.

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