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4 Ways to Overcome Canon IP2770 Printer Yellow Light Flashes 3 Times

4 Ways to Overcome Canon IP2770 Printer Yellow Light Flashes 3 Times

The Canon IP2770 printer is used as a home printer that provides professional print quality at a relatively cheap price, when it first appears. From many reviews of users, it is said that the quality of this printer is quite good, including printing photos. In addition to the cartridge that is said to be damaged quickly, the rest of the performance of this printer is fairly good.

Although Canon IP2770 is said not to be fussy, but a usage error will still cause problems to damage to the printer. Usually, when experiencing problems, the printer will provide a blink code or an indicator light blink

Although the blink code is basically made for internal parties of the manufacturer, most of the meaning of the blink code has been disseminated. So that we can find out the cause of perms all that overwrite our printer based on the blink code the indicator lights that appear

On average, printers, including Canon printers, install three indicator lights on the printer body. Indicator lights are green, yellow and red. In normal mode, when the printer is turned on, it is the green light that lights up. Indicates the printer has no problems and can print well

But sometimes we will find another indicator light is on, for example, a yellow indicator light that blinks. This time lecturer will review the problems in Canon IP2770 printers whose yellow indicator lights blink 3 times. What that means, and how to overcome it.

Clean paper/objects that are related
On the Canon IP2770 printer, the yellow indicator light flashes 3 times, meaning Paper Jam. Usually this happens because of paper or other objects that are involved in the printer's machine. This can happen, if when the paper placed in the printer's machine is not properly positioned, it rolls / clumps at the end, or sticks together because it has been wet. So when you use it to print, the scroll print can't pull it properly, and finally gets stuck inside. It does not slide out as usual (read also: operating system functions, features of a broken laptop LCD) For that you have to clean the paper stuck until it is clean. Try not to do violence/coercion or tampering that can damage the component. If you have trouble pulling paper that is stuck, you better dismantle the cover of the printer.

Clean the sensor and the surrounding area
If after cleaning the paper that concerns and ensures there are no other objects, however small they are concerning; but the printer still won't print and the yellow indicator lights keep flashing, try cleaning the sensor components. Dirty sensors can cause dirt to attach to the sensor to be detected as an object. As a result the sensor still detects interference even though the paper that is concerned has been cleared.
To overcome this, you must open the printer cover to be able to clean the sensor on the printer. Wipe with a soft cloth. Make sure there are no pieces of tissue left if you clean them using tissue. Also clean the area around the sensor, clean the ink marks that are lumpy.

Reset printer
After you clean the paper or other objects involved and clean the sensor on the printer, reset the printer if the printer still cannot operate as it should.

To reset the printer you can follow the steps below:
1. Download the Canon IP2770 printer resetter program file
2. Turn off the printer.
3. Press then hold down the resume button.
4. After three seconds, press the power button.
5. Hold the pressure on both buttons for a second, then release the resume button. But you press the power button.
6. Press the Resume button 5 times. The lights will turn on alternately.
7. Release both buttons simultaneously.
8. Run the resetter program
9. Select Main & Plate, then press the Set button

Change sensor
Sensor replacement needs to be done if the sensor is damaged, causing the indicator light to blink even if no paper / other objects are involved, or dirt is attached to the sensor. Sensor replacement will require soldering. not difficult indeed, for those who are used to it. But if you feel incompetent, it's better to ask for help from an expert.

Tools and materials:
New sensor
Steps to replace the sensor:

1. Turn off the printer and unplug all connected power sources.
2. Unload the printer, open the cover (top cover).
3. There are 4 bolts that you have to open using a screwdriver, 2 above and 2 in front.
4. After the bolt is removed, open the printer cover carefully.
Take/remove the sensor, then remove the sensor circuit with the solder pad.
5. After the damaged sensor is released, replace it with a new sensor.
6. Reinstall the sensor using solder and tin that have been previously prepared
7. Reinstall the sensor into the printer
8. Test is the printer 'cured'
9. If there are no more problems, replace the printer cover.
10. The printer is ready to be used again.
11. In order for the printer to last long, you have to take good care of it. Use the printer regularly. Don't let the printer work too long, or work too long. Take advantage of the Clean head, to make print quality still good. Turn the printer off when not in use, fill the ink before it is completely used up, and do not touch the cartridge chip by hand.

Thus review several ways to overcome the Canon IP2770 3 yellow flashing printer this time. Clean the paper / other objects that are stuck, clean the sensor, do a printer reset and finally, replace the sensor components if the previous three methods have not been able to resolve the problem with your Canon IP2770 printer.

Finally, I hope this article can provide the information you need. If there are questions, additions or constructive comments, please leave a message, and don't forget to share if you feel this article is useful. That is all and thank you..

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