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5 Arabica Coffee Producing Areas in Garut

5 Arabica Coffee Producing Areas in Garut

Arabica coffee in Indonesia is spread on almost every major island. Many kinds of coffee have participated in coffee competitions or exhibitions in the archipelago and the world. Many of the taste characters in coffee are said to be the most vibrant.

It is none other than Arabica coffee in Garut. It is believed in a certain area in Garut that has been planted with coffee since the planting of coffee in Pondok Kopi East Jakarta failed to grow. Trying to be planted in the Garut area and finally succeeded in growing, it quickly carried out massive planting to meet the world's huge demand at that time.

For reader information, here I am not a certified coffee expert and purely a consumer who can learn more from barista and roastery and often share with coffee lovers. This article only takes a few as initial information to the reader. With the aim of increasing awareness of Garut coffee which has a unique and cool taste.

Well, want to know where are the 5 Arabica coffee producing areas in Garut? Here's the area!

1. Cikuray Arabica Coffee
If you like hunting coffee to find a variety of unique flavors in coffee. Come on, try the fantastic Arabica coffee Cikuray. Oh, yes for information that I prefer the brewing technique to coffee is collapsed, compared to other techniques. And I just wrote my opinion on experience in drinking the most prominent coffee.

Now for Cikuray arabica coffee, I get a unique experience. Especially the aroma (smell of freshly brewed coffee) is very strong and very strong coffee. As for the body (texture) can be felt bold. Almost all Garut Arabica coffee, I get the experience of medium to high acidity, although, with a variety of post-harvest processing techniques to be served into cups, it is still like that.

2. Papandayan Arabica Coffee
Try Garut arabica coffee which grows around the Papandayan mountain. You already know about the attractions of the Papandayan Mountain Nature Park? Aside from being a destination to see the sunrise, tracking to camping, it turns out this is where the coffee plant is cultivated.

Papandayan arabica coffee grows well around the Papandayan mountain. Even when you head to the Papandayan mountain tourist area, you can easily find coffee plantations along the way. Then what are the characteristics of the Papandayan coffee?

Honestly, I often try coffee from various regions. However, don't trust 100% of the judgments that I gave because this is a personal opinion (the problem is that our tongues are different, guys, hehe).

First of all, I prefer a collision with brewing. When trying to smell the coffee powder, it feels like fragrance (the smell of coffee when it's still powdered) Papandayan coffee really stimulates. I am quite satisfied to enjoy steeping Papandayan arabica coffee served by coffee baristas in Garut. I feel the frequency of acidity in Garut coffee Papandayan is more dominant. The aroma is fresh and sexy.

Of course friends of Papandayan arabica coffee are fried bananas, really a champion!

3. Arabica Talaga Bodas Coffee
I really like Talaga Bodas tourism objects after the Papandayan mountain, of course. Talaga Bodas Nature Tourism Park tourism object is similar to the White Crater tourism object in Ciwidey, South Bandung. In addition to the tourist attraction of the crater, Talaga Bodas also has Arabica Talaga Bodas coffee plants.

As long as I drink coffee from 5 Arabica coffee producing areas in Garut, until now I have not found what is most prominent from Talaga Bodas coffee. Like other Garut Arabica coffee, it starts from almost the same fragrance and aroma. However, Talaga Bodas arabica coffee if blended with strong arabica coffee such as Gayo and Toraja Arabica coffee, is somehow very suitable.

But speaking of Garut arabica coffee which is blended with Arabica coffee from the Gayo area, Toraja, Wamena to Flores Bajawa is indeed very suitable. Get ready to be literate and cool stand-by in front of the laptop all day. You should try Garut arabica coffee which is blended with Arabica coffee from other regions.

4. Samarang Arabica Coffee
Sharing reviews about Samarang Arabica coffee, Garut, West Java. I'm actually not too special with Samarang arabica coffee. You could say it was still less priority with previous arabica coffee. But, the experience of enjoying Samarang arabica coffee is quite happy.

The level of acidity was not too dominant compared to Papandayan arabica coffee, Cikuray arabica coffee, and Talaga Bodas arabica coffee. You could say it was more bright (a light, dry and sharp taste) but not sharp. Very suitable for those of you who want to try Garut Arabica coffee for the first time so as not to be surprised by the unique Garut Arabica coffee.

5. Pangauban Arabica Coffee
Well, in article 5 of this Arabica coffee producing area in Garut, my experience in drinking Garut Arabica coffee, especially Pangauban Arabica coffee, is at the last point. Why? Because it is still adjacent to Papandayan arabica coffee. However, there is a characteristic that I found that is body (thickness), feels dominant. In terms of acidity, it is not much different from the very dominant Papandayan arabica coffee as well as from other Arabica coffee producing regions in Garut.

To be known by readers, Garut most of its territory there are volcanoes that are still active such as Mount Papandayan, Mount Guntur, and Mount Talaga Bodas (adjacent to Mount Galunggung). So that more or less definitely affects the coffee plant which is dominated by the level of acidity that is often found. In addition, the topographic conditions of the Garut region which are at high altitudes and still have abundant forest reserves make Garut Arabica coffee plantations grow well.

So, if you go to Garut, leave the time to try Garut Arabica coffee, whether it's to coffee shops in Garut or around tourist attractions such as the Papandayan Mountain Nature Park. If you find Garut Arabica coffee outside Garut don't be surprised by its taste, because coffee plants that grow will more or less follow the characteristics of the surrounding growing media as well.

Let's explore Garut to look for an experience of trying Garut Arabica coffee!

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