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5 Ways to Repair Cartridge - Head and Chip

5 Ways to Repair Cartridge - Head and Chip

The current printer device seems to have become one of the needs in various fields of work, ranging from work that does require high-quality prints such as a photo studio (to print high-quality photos) to helping students to print school assignments (eg papers and so on ) which is in fact only standard quality.

Therefore, many printers with various specifications on the market, starting from printers that can only print with black ink only (such as dot-matrix printers, even if used instead of liquid ink but a kind of ribbon) to a printer equipped with a scanner so that it can be used as a copier, but actually the quality of the printouts of a printer is determined by the quality of the cartridge.

When the printer cartridge has a problem, no matter how good the features on the printer, the printout will not be optimal, therefore it is important for those of you who have a printer to find out how to repair a printer cartridge that has a problem, maybe you can ask for help from a computer technician You believe, but it never hurts to learn to fix it yourself.

Printer cartridges that tend to be prone to damage are usually printer cartridges that are part of the head cartridge, the cartridge chip and ink tank cartridge are integrated, let's call it one of my favorite printers that uses a cartridge like that, Canon Pixma iP2770.

There are some damages that may occur in printer cartridges, in this article we will discuss the damage to the head cartridge due to clotting ink clots, as for the damage to the head cartridge caused (for example) because the defective head cartridge is scratched by a sharp object. which (most likely) cannot be repaired, the technician friends that I have asked for help to fix it all "raise their hands".

Another damage that printer cartridges often experience is the unreadable printer cartridge by the operating system (or rather the printer's default software), usually because the chip cartridge connector is dirty or damaged, I think as long as the cartridge chip is just dirty it can still be repaired, but if it is severely damaged, for example, the cartridge chip's flexible cable is burned or torn, it seems that we have to be "mistaken" (throw, buy a new one), along with the review.

How to Fix a Clogged Printer Head Cartridge
Printer cartridges become clogged usually occur because the printer is not used to print for a long time, so the ink ends of the cartridge (head cartridge) is dry and inhibits the flow of ink from the ink tank cartridge to the cartridge head, finally the print becomes unclear (faded color or there are parts that are printed, striped) ..

To repair a printer cartridge that is clogged like that, if you use the Windows operating system then you can try several ways below, I demonstrated the printer device used is Canon PIXMA iP2770:

Clean the head with the Head Cleaning feature.
1. Open the Control Panel, just search on the Start Menu with the keyword "control panel" (without quotes).
2. After the Control Panel window opens, if the Control Panel interface uses the View by Category mode (see the top right), then click View devices and printers in the Hardware and Sound category.
3. If the Control Panel interface uses View by Large icons or View by Small icons (see top right), then click Devices and Printers.
4. After the Devices and Printers window opens, look at the printer in question (eg Canon iP2770).
5. Right-click on the printer icon and select Printing Preferences.
6. The Printing Preferences window will appear, click the Maintenance tab.
7. Then click Head Cleaning.
8. Click Start or Ok or Yes if a confirmation window appears, the head cleaning process will take place, wait until the process is completely marked with the printer stopping operation.

Try printing (images, text, whatever) on several sheets of paper and then observe the results, if the print looks good, then the blockage on the printer cartridge is categorized as light, but if the printout is the same as before, then try the second method.

Unplug the printer cartridge, suck the ink from the head cartridge with a special ink vacuum toolkit.
You can buy a vacuum cleaner toolkit at the nearest computer shop, but if you are creative you can make it yourself by modifying printer ink injection marks, you can easily find tutorials on how to make it on your website or blog even on youtube, please search.

1. Unplug the problem printer cartridge from the printer (for Canon PIXMA iP2770 printer, just by turning on the printer and then opening the printer cover and the printer cartridge will move to the releasable position)
2. Attach the tip of the ink suction to the head cartridge (bottom of the cartridge) then pull the lever on the vacuum cleaner until the ink from the cartridge flows out of the head cartridge.
3. Do it continuously until there is no ink left in the head cartridge.
4. If it is empty, then fill the printer cartridge with new ink (strongly recommended) or the ink that was sucked out by the vacuum cleaner (but not I recommend using the "used" ink except the emergency).

Try printing several images or text on several sheets of paper and then observe the results, if the print looks good, then the blockage on the printer cartridge is categorized as being moderate, but if the printout is the same as before, then try the third method.

Soak the bottom of the printer cartridge with a head cleaner liquid.
Actually as an alternative if you don't get ahead cleaner (or to save costs) you can use hot water instead, it's just that the results will be more optimal when using a head cleaner liquid, you can get it at the nearest computer shop.

1. Prepare a container with a size that can fit into two printer cartridges (I assume the problem with the printer cartridge is the black cartridge and the color cartridge), I usually use the lid of the jar measuring around 15cm in diameter.
2. Pour enough head cleaner, height of about 2mm to 5mm because it will only be used to soak the head cartridge, not the whole printer cartridge.
3. Place the printer cartridge in the container with the head cartridge part submerged by the head cleaner liquid.
4. Allow up to several hours, I recommend overnight but adjust it to the conditions, enough so that if the head cleaner liquid erodes the ink that clumps on the head cartridge.
5. If it feels enough, lift the printer cartridge and clean the head with dry tissue.

Try printing several color images on several sheets of paper and then observe the results, if the print results look good, then the blockage in the printer cartridge is categorized as heavy, if not consult with a computer technician.

Usually, the technicians have a special vacuum (the result of the assembly) to suck and clean the cartridge head, or you can consider buying a new cartridge that is similar.

How to Repair a Problematic Cartridge Chip
Another part of the printer cartridge that is vulnerable to damage is the chip part (located on the back of the cartridge), when the cartridge chip is damaged, the computer screen will display an error message when used.

1. Unknown ink cartridge
2. Incompatible ink cartridge
3. The ink cartridge is not installed
4. The ink cartridge is not installed properly
And so forth

Unplug the printer cartridge, then clean the chip connector section.
The cartridge chip has golden yellow dots (typical of circuit lines on the board), if you find an error message that is similar to the example above, it is likely that your printer cartridge chip is dirty because the ink splashes or the chip connector surface starts to crust due to age.

1. Prepare dry tissue and rubber remover.
2. Unplug the printer cartridge from the printer.
3. Clean the cartridge chip connector with dry tissue, the dry tissue is intended to clean the cartridge chip connector from wet dirt (liquid).
4. Then clean the cartridge chip connector with the eraser, the eraser (made of rubber) is intended to clean the cartridge chip connector from coarse dirt such as the crust.
5. Reinstall the printer cartridge as before.

Check if the error screen still appears as above or not when the printer is used, if not, then try printing several images or text on several sheets of paper and pay attention to the results, but if the printer cannot print because the error message still appears, try the second method.

Solder reset chip cartridge connector (Small possibility works)
This method is done assuming the cartridge chip is damaged (not dirty) for several reasons, usually there is an electrical short circuit in the connector or an unstable electric current which causes the cartridge chip to "burn" and cause the cartridge chip connector to not connect as it should, and to fix it just need special equipment (maybe industry standards) and adequate technical capacity.

But there is a way to repair the damage to the cartridge chip that is worth trying, namely to brazing the cartridge chip connector again, no tin solder is needed in this process, only need a few tools and the following:
1. Soldering with pointed eyes (tip).
2. Flux soldering.
3. Eraser made from rubber (ordinary pencil eraser).

Prepare the solder, make sure the solder eyes are clean, then heat (connect to electricity).
Prepare a problematic cartridge, make sure the surrounding chip cartridge connector is covered with flux, this is intended to protect the flexible cable connector of the cartridge chip from being affected by heat from the solder.
Attach the solder eye to the cartridge chip connectors one at a time, not too long, each of which is only about 2 to 3 seconds.
When finished, clean the cartridge chip connector with the eraser.
Install the printer cartridge on the printer as before then do the test.

Okay, enough of our discussion about how to repair printer cartridges, hopefully it is useful for those of you who like to "crack", but still prioritize work safety in making any improvements, don't be shy to ask your colleagues who may be more experienced if you are not sure to do it yourself, and don't forget, do with your own risk.

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