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Here are 13 Ways to Overcome Transport Paper on an Epson I310 Printer

Here are 13 Ways to Overcome Transport Paper on an Epson I310 Printer

Printer for some people is a device that is quite important. The function of the printer is to print documents originating from a data. There are various types of printers themselves that are used to print plain paper to print solid objects such as 3D printers.

Printer himself often experiences problems such as ink that does not come out or paper is stuck on the printer. Regarding the paper that concerns the printer the causes can vary such as:

Paper is too thick on the printer
The first reason is that the paper is too thick when inserted into the printer. There are two kinds of causes for this to happen. First, the thickness of the paper itself is not in accordance with the standard paper for the printer. The two papers are actually thin but because they are still new, each paper sticks together so that the paper is thick.

There are objects that enter the printer
The second possibility is the presence of foreign objects that enter the printer. These foreign objects are usually small in size such as paper clips or staple marks that accidentally enter the printer. Therefore, cleaning the place is very necessary to do if there really is an object that enters the printer.

There is a sensor that is detached
You need to know that a printer has a sensor that is located on the paper puller. If the sensor on the pickup device is released, the paper will not automatically be pulled out causing the paper to get stuck.

Paper is wrinkled
To do the printing, of course, you have to use paper that is in a new state. The new situation here means that the paper is still in a steady-state and is not wrinkled. If you use paper that is wrinkled, the paper has the potential to be damaged and can be difficult to print.

Too often print documents The printer can be overheated and cause paper to become stuck while printing. Basically, the printer can only print 100 sheets of paper in a single print. When printing more than that, the printer can feel overheat. After the printer prints a lot of paper, the printer should be allowed to rest first for a few minutes.

After knowing the cause of the paper can be related to the printer, now we find out how to deal with the paper related to the following.

1. The first step is to turn off the printer first. In addition to being turned off, unplug the power tool so that it does not live suddenly.
2. After that, open the cover on the front of the printer.
3. See if something is causing the paper to clog or not.
4. Also, check the paper pulling sensor for anything that has been removed or not.
5. Meanwhile, in the computer section, you must cancel all printing commands so that the printing process does not occur when the paper is successfully removed.
6. After you make sure there is no barrier on the inside of the printer, then the next step is to start pulling the paper that is stuck.
7. To pull the paper, do not let the paper be pulled at once. Do it slowly so that the paper is not torn. If the paper is torn, it can hamper the printing process.
8. The way that paper can be pulled easily is to use both hands. The first-hand pulls paper from outside the printer while the other hand is pushing paper from inside the printer. Make sure to pull this paper off the printer machine.
9. If you have trouble using your fingers to push paper, use tweezers to help the paper come out easily.
10. If the paper is stuck in the ink pushing section, then pull the paper slowly from the ink driver. You can also use tweezers to help pull out the paper stuck.
11. If the paper has been extracted, check it inside the printer for any paper that has been torn or small objects that are obstructing it.
12. After making sure there is no barrier, do not immediately turn on the printer. Especially if the printer has been overused. Just leave the printer up to 10 to 20 minutes.
13. If it's been more than 20 minutes, plug the printer cable back in and turn it back on as usual.

That's how to deal with paper stuck in Epson printers. Even though it looks easy, however, this does not mean the problem is just finished. Sometimes, paperwork can occur again. If the printer experiences paper overload, there might be something wrong with your Epson printer.

If you are already an expert on how to repair an Epson printer, then you should fix it on the paper pulling sensor only. Because paper-related events always occur in the area. For computer parts, you can do the Epson printer cleaning so that the printer can reset the system as before. Try to always do the cleaning when filling new ink so that the ink comes out and the paper does not often jam during the printing process. Hopefully, this article can provide useful information for you.

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