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Here are the 5 Causes of a Damaged Mainboard Printer

Here are the 5 Causes of a Damaged Mainboard Printer

The mainboard is a core component contained in an electronic item. You could say the role of a mainboard is as important as a motherboard on a computer. One of the mainboard components that we find is inside the printer.

If the mainboard on a printer is damaged, then we will have difficulty using the printer. Let alone for printing documents, just to turn on the printer will experience difficulties. Many factors cause damage to the mainboard on the printer. To find out the answer, following the review.

There is no rest interval
Generally, this often happens to someone who is doing the printing process at once. For example, we print a hundred documents in one print. Though the habit is very bad for the performance of the printer itself. First, the cartridge used will be hot and the two mainboards will also be hot because they have to work hard in overprinting documents. If this continues to occur, damage to the mainboard will occur.

If it is indeed necessary to do a large amount of printing, we can outsmart it in a gradual manner. For example, if we have to print hundreds of pages, for the printing process in several stages such as divided into 20 sheets or 50 sheets. After printing 20 sheets or 50 sheets, give a break for a few minutes then continue again. Continue until all documents are printed. In this way, all the components in the printer will not be easily damaged.

Printers are rarely used
If on the previous point the printer is used too often, then at this point, the printer is never used. If you think the printer will last when it is never used, you are wrong. This is the same as a vehicle engine that has never been used for too long. Machines that are left idle for too long can damage the components.

Likewise with printers, machines that have never felt the electric heat will be damaged quickly, especially on the cartridge and mainboard. To overcome this. You need to learn how to save the printer for a long time so that the printer is not easily damaged. In addition, if there is not much to print, you can use the deep cleaning process so that the ink on the cartridge is not easily frozen.

Ink has a leak
Ink that has a leak can also damage the mainboard of the printer. Leaking ink can occur due to several factors. First, the quality of the cartridge is bad, second, the ink is filled too much, and the three hoses that connect the cartridge with the mainboard printer are damaged.

If this happens, you should first try to learn how to repair cartridges that can be done. However, if you can't already, you should be taken to a trusted service location.

Forcing a small amount of ink to print
Such cases often occur during the printing process. Generally, the system will tell the ink used will run out when we do the printing. If we force printing documents with very little ink, it not only affects the printout but also affects the mainboard of the printer.

If this is done continuously, the mainboard of the printer will break quickly and possibly, the printer will no longer function. To overcome this problem is actually quite easy, we just need to refill the ink that is already a little before the ink warning is almost gone. If you use a type of infusion printer, you can just refill the ink based on the type of color or you can try to learn how to clean the infusion printer correctly. If using a type of inkjet printer, you can refill the cartridge when the printed color starts to fade.

The printer is not properly maintained
As with other electronic items, when the printer is never properly maintained, the printer's mainboard will be easily damaged. For example, when the printer has a lot of dust it has never been cleaned. Though these dust particles can damage the components inside the printer, especially the mainboard and cartridge parts.

To overcome this, we must diligently clean the printer from dust that sticks at least once a week. If possible, after the printer is used, we close the printer using the printer's plastic to prevent too much dust from entering the component.

Therefore, when we use a printer, make sure we are also obliged to maintain it so that the printer continues to be used for a long time.
Hopefully, this article can be the best reference that can be trusted.

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