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Here are 6 Factors Causing Why a Fast Damaged Printer You Need to Know

Here are 6 Factors Causing Why a Fast Damaged Printer You Need to Know

Printers are the most important tool for most people. So that if the printer is damaged, of course it is very disturbing your work. For that for those of you who use a printer, you need to know what causes your printer to break quickly.

Currently there are various brands of printers, such as Canon, Epson and others. But broadly speaking, the causes are still common as will be explained in the following article.

In addition to knowing the cause, you also have to understand how to treat the printer so that it lasts. Okay here is the explanation.

6 Factors Cause Fast Damaged Printers For All Brands and How to Overcome It
Knowing the causes of fast printer damage will make your printer more durable and durable. In other words, the goal is that you can take care of the printer properly and correctly.

Print in large quantities at once
Printer devices consist of generators and important circuits that can cause heat when working nonstop.

Well if you print too much without pausing, it can reduce the durability of the printer.

The best way to print in large quantities is by dividing it into several parts. Then let your printer cool for about 1-5 minutes. Continue again until it's finished.

Suppose you want to print 100 sheets, then you can print 20-50 sheets at a time.

Too Long Left The second reason why your printer breaks down is that it is not used for too long. The part that is most commonly damaged is the cartridge.

The ink on the print head (cartridge) will harden and cause ink to run smoothly when restarted. As a result, the extra working components also can cause damage.

How to deal with this problem is actually quite easy. You can turn on the printer periodically, for example, once a week to print multiple sheets. Thus, the ink will always be liquid and can make your printer cartridge durable.

Ink Run Out or Often Run Out of Ink
The color printer works with 2 print heads. Whereas to prevent damage to the print head (cartridge), ink must always be there. If the ink runs out, the print head will experience high heat, resulting in a short circuit in the print head.

Usually because we often print black, without realizing it the color print head has run out of ink. So, when the print is turned on, it will do the cleaning process on both print heads.

How to overcome this problem is also quite easy. You can monitor the condition of the ink regularly to keep it there. And refill.

Other ways you can install external ink that is now very easy to obtain.

Poor Ink Quality Cartridge (Head Print) is very sensitive because it works with dc electricity to spray ink according to the driver's instructions. The quality of ink is very influential on this cartridge device.

For that, you must use quality ink. The higher the quality of ink you use can keep the cartridge more durable.

Look for a brand that already has a name and is most used by other printer users. You can search it on the internet.

Filling in Inappropriate Ink
Today most printers already use external ink. So that the refilling process can be done easily.

But if you are still using the manual method by filling it directly into the cartridge, then you must fill it correctly. Do not fill the ink too full which will cause flooding.

In addition to not being too full, you also should not fill too little because the open period of the cartridge is often done. Fill in according to instructions or ask directly to computer service experts.

Maintaining Printer Cleanliness and Using Paper that is not too thick
Have you ever experienced a jem paper when printing?
This is usually caused by garbage or dirt that makes the paper pulling roll jammed. Or because the paper size is too thick. For this reason, always keep the printer clean by checking regularly and keeping or keeping garbage away from around the printer.

That was some of the causes of fast printer damage and how to overcome them. Hopefully, this article will make your printer more durable and can be used for a long time. If there are other experiences, please write in the comment form below.

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