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Here are 7 Causes of Printer Spooling that often occur

Here are 7 Causes of Printer Spooling that often occur

Have you ever had a problem printing when using a printer? Just an example like this, before you have printed 2 documents. However, the printer suddenly reprints the 2 sheets whose contents are exactly the same as the previous printout. Or when printing, the printer won't print the file. We call this case a printer spooling.

Spooling printer itself is a term that is on a computer system which is a command for printing. In other words, spooling can mean the queue of files you want to print. These things happen quite often when printing a document on the printer. Of course, the incident is very detrimental because it can waste paper, ink, and also waste time when in a hurry. to find out what causes this can occur along with the reviews.

No pauses when printing documents
The printer machine is also an ordinary electronic machine. If you print multiple documents without giving a break for the printer to rest, spooling can occur. The printer itself has a limit for printing documents. There are only 100 sheets or even more than that. Therefore, when we finish printing the document, give the printer time to cool down.

Power failure occurred
This also often happens when the printing process takes place, suddenly the electricity goes off. We need to realize that the printer has a memory system whose function is to remember the files to be printed even though electrical power is not connected to the printer. Therefore, it is not surprising that when the electricity is on, the printer will reprint the same file as the previous print.

Problems with connecting cables
This can also be the cause of a printer jam when printing. Sometimes when we want to print documents but the printer does not want to print, usually low-quality cables will be very vulnerable to problems like this. Try replacing the printer connecting cable with a new connecting cable or other printer. If the printer runs smoothly after changing cables, it is certain that this is the reason.

The printer is used simultaneously
This is very common in companies or printing businesses. If you have a lot of computers and all are connected to one printer, spooling will always occur if all computers do the print command together. This is closely related to computer networks. The number of command codes from various different hosts makes the commands received on the printer chaotic. For this kind of problem, there must be someone who succumbs. For example, one computer prints until it's finished. after that, go to computer two, and so on.

Too many applications running
As with many other software, the printer eats computer RAM even though the amount is not too large. However, if you open many applications when printing, then the possibility of spooling can occur. This is due to the many processes that accumulate in the RAM that causes the computer to become slow. The way to overcome this is to turn off unnecessary applications. Especially applications that consume a lot of RAM.

Therefore, when printing, try to make the computer really focus on printing and not be used for other things that can be burdensome like playing games, encoding, and other strenuous activities. However, this only applies to computers with low specifications. While for computers with high specifications, this is fine.

Slow network
At present, the printer can print documents over a wireless network such as Wifi. This wireless network is common on laptops or smartphones that want to print files in paper form. If the printer does not want to print documents, the network may be weak. Weak networks are very likely to cause the printer cannot print documents. The printer network speed when receiving commands is slow so that spooling occurs. To overcome this, you should use a wired network only.

Problems with the printer section
The next possibility is the problem of the printer itself. This often happens to printers that have been used for a long time. as we know, the quality of electronic goods decreases from year to year that also applies to printers. Especially if the printer is rarely treated, the performance decreases. Try to check whether the printer is still running well or not by resetting it. You can also reinstall it using the default driver CD from the printer itself.

The case of spooling itself is a natural thing that happens to any printer. Therefore, you don't panic too much if you experience it. The cause itself is almost the same as the cause of the printer not responding so the way to deal with it is not much different.

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