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Kinds Of Coffee Point Tools

Kinds Of Coffee Point Tools

Coffindo Lovers claimed to be a coffee lover? for that Coffindo Lovers must know the coffee peracik tools that are usually in the coffee shop. Try checking below.

1. Drip Method
Another name for this method is Filter Method. The Drip Method is very popular in the world because it is a simple but efficient coffee maker that produces delicious and high-quality coffee. Simply pour coffee powder on filter paper, then pour hot water on it until the coffee powder seems to expand. Then wait for the coffee droplets to gather underneath.

2. Vietnam Drip
In essence, it is the same as the drip method, which depends on the coffee droplets filtered using a Vietnamese drip tool. the method is that the filter plate is placed on a cup, then put the coarse ground coffee powder into a sieve cup, then place the tamper on the coffee (you can add a little pressure), then pour hot water. Wait for the coffee to drip down the vessel. Vietnamese drip actually uses sweetened condensed milk placed at the bottom of the cup before brewing coffee.

3. Clever Dripper
Actually, whoever gave this name as a clever dripper, regardless of the name of this tool, a combination between coffee extraction, pour-over, and French press is still a name

4. .French Press
The French Press also has another name, Plunger or Cafetiere. How it works french press is to extract the most coffee flavor contained in coffee powder. this method is the second most frequently used method of getting coffee with thick and thick flavor. The price of the tool is also affordable and there is also a French press that can be carried everywhere.

5. Aeropress
Although both use pressure in producing coffee, only aeropress uses air pressure to extract coffee that has been submerged in hot water for 30-60 seconds.

6. Turkish Coffee
The method of making coffee uses a coffee bean grinding machine called kahve de Ÿirmeni, then the coffee powder is put into a vessel called ibrik along with sugar and water. Then boiled three times. Usually not on the stove but on hot sand. Just pour it into a cup and be ready to enjoy it.

7. Percolator (Coffee Filter)
Before the drip method was found, filtering coffee using a percolator was a method chosen by the community. But this method is considered to eliminate the taste of coffee that is so rich. The teapot-like percolator was used as a coffee peracik tool by adding coffee powder with sugar and water, then boiling and then enjoying it.

8. Espresso machine
Arguably, an espresso machine is one of the most sophisticated coffee machines because almost everything is automatic (for example temperature settings), although it cannot be denied that the barista hand is still a determinant of the taste of a cup of coffee produced.

9. Vacuum
Using vacuum to produce coffee does seem difficult, even though it's actually difficult (hehehe). This method is called siphon method. Besides being difficult to use, Coffindo Lovers also needs patience in producing coffee without pulp but has a delicious coffee flavor.

10. Neapolitan Flip
Neopolitan flip consists of a tool that resembles two tubes that coincide with each other in the middle there is a filter which will later function as a separator between coffee pulp and the coffee itself.

11. Single Serve Coffee Machine
Usually known as coffee vending. Those who like practicality will like this tool because it will not mess around with the amount and determination for the right temperature. Everything is arranged directly by this sophisticated machine.

12. Presso
Presso is also an espresso maker, only he uses a piston to produce pressure in extracting coffee. this tool does not use electricity, besides it is environmentally friendly and the price is also relatively affordable.

13. Moka pot
Moka pot from Italy, using this tool in producing coffee will make you get coffee with a coffee flavor that is so thick because coffee powder will be boiled with water and sugar for a longer time compared to other coffee makers.

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