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2 Ways to Overcome the Easiest Responding Printer

2 Ways to Overcome the Easiest Responding Printer

Not responding printers may occur in almost all types of printers of various brands, but in this article, I took a case example on a Canon Pixma iP2770 printer that experienced not responding. The causes can vary, but in principle, the software does not respond to instructions from the computer because of the problematic hardware (printer or data cable) or maybe the driver (driver) on the computer that is corrupt or crashes.

Especially for the Canon Pixma iP2770 printer (other printers may experience the same thing), the printer can be not responding after being reset using the resetter tool (software), and the possibility of the resetter tool is damaged (not working properly) or may not suitable.

At a glance about resetter, all hardware has limitations in working, including printers, when the printer has been used to print (on standard HVS paper) as many as tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of papers, the printer needs to be reset.

Ideally, resetting is done by an official company that makes the printer, in resetting activities not only makes the printer go back to work, but also checks if there are components that must be replaced.

But many people ignore the procedure and choose to reset their own Canon Pixma iP2770 printer or through the nearest computer technician, the reason is, of course, the classic, cheaper cost and faster time (when compared to the official service center).

To solve the problem of not responding to printers, you can try it yourself (with the risk of being borne of course), but you are calm because the way to deal with not responding to printers in this article is quite simple and applicable even for ordinary people, following reviews.

Re-install the Printer Driver

Removing the printer driver from a computer is relatively easy, but it's best to make sure the printer driver is erased to "its roots", I suggest using special software to uninstall the driver.

Revo Uninstaller for example, just use the portable version if you are lazy to install it, this software (even the portable version) has the ability to wipe out all data files or even registry folders.

But if you don't have uninstaller software, then just use the operating system's default uninstaller feature (Windows), how to:

1. Open the Control Panel
2. Open "Add or Remove Programs" or "Uninstall a Program" or "Programs and Features"
3. Search then right-click on the driver that will be uninstalled
4. Select uninstall, and wait for the process to complete

The idea is to assume that the printer driver crashes or corrupts, then removes the printer driver thoroughly, after the uninstall process is complete the computer should restart to make sure the driver has been completely erased.

Some software files or uninstalled drivers can only be booted (booted or operating system) booted so that to complete the uninstallation process, restarting will be very necessary.

Use a resetter

The resetter in question is a small (even portable) (sized) software that can be used to reset a particular printer, unfortunately, this resetter is made by a third party (not officially by the printer manufacturer in question).

Therefore, I say the use of this resetter software is quite risky because the virus might have been inserted (intentionally or not), so it's best to consult a trusted technician.

Or if you are forced to use unofficial software like this, make sure the antivirus installed on your computer has been updated with the latest definitions, just use a free or paid antivirus, don't use pirated ones (cracked or patched).

Please search the search engine (for example Google) with the keyword "iP2770 Resetter", look for sites that you trust, suggest I look for sites that provide direct download services, be careful of links containing URL Shortener, usually the process will be convoluted, it is feared you are stuck on a dangerous site.

Also look for sites that have commercial domains (.com, .net, .id, etc.), sites with free domains (or sub-domains) such as .wordpress.com, .blogspot.com, etc. are feared to be created by irresponsible people (alert, not prejudiced).

If the resetter software has been downloaded (download several versions just in case the software does not match), please follow the steps below.

Preparation phase

1. Make sure the printer is off (off).
2. The power cable remains connected to the power outlet and the data cable is connected to the computer
3. Make sure there are at least two sheets of paper on the printer.


1. Press and hold the STOP / RESET button.
2. Then press and hold the POWER button.
3. When the power button is still pressed, release the STOP / RESET button.
4. Then press the STOP / RESET button again 6 times in a row.
5. Release the STOP / RESET button and the POWER button together.
6. The printer will start processing "state service mode" in a few seconds and the computer will detect the printer as a new device, just ignore it.

Start the RESET Process

1. Run resetter
The software name can vary, which I use is called ServiceTool_v3400.exe.

2. Go to the "Main" tab (usually automatically when the software starts).
3. Pay attention to the "Clear Ink Counter" section.
4. In the Absorber (Clear Ink Counter) section, select "play" then click "SET".
This step prints a page that displays text D = 000 * 0.
5. Pay attention to the "Ink Absorber Counter" section.
6. In the Absorber Counter section, select "play" then click "SET".
7. Click the EEPROM button in the "Print" section (top).
8. This step will also print one page, on the printed page note whether there is writing TTL = 00000 and COPY = 00000, if YES, the reset process is successful.
9. Turn off the printer by pressing the POWER button.
10. Turn on the printer, and the printer is ready to use (again).

Printer testing by printing text and images on several sheets of paper, make sure the printer can process it (relatively) quickly if the printer experiences not responding again, maybe the resetter used is not compatible with the printer used.

Thus the discussion on how to deal with not responding printers, hopefully, can be useful to increase our knowledge and insight about troubleshooting hardware (printers), and hopefully it can be a solution for those of you who need good luck.

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