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How to Manually Reset Epson L210 (ink Out Error)

How to Manually Reset Epson L210 (ink Out Error)

we know there are two ways to reset the printer that is using the manual method and how to use the program or what we usually know the term resetter.

This time we will try to discuss how we reset the L210 (ink Out Error) Epson Printer manually.
This method can be applied when a warning appears as shown below.

If you find a warning like in the picture above To fix it quite easily, follow the method:
1. Turn on the Epson L210 printer
2. Wait until the printer boots
3. Press the Ink Button / Resume Button for 5 seconds then release
4. Then Press Again and Hold for 3 Seconds, then
5. Press again quickly
6. Finished

Now you can use the printer as before, this method is successful if the problem is only on the Ink Level, in this case Resetting Ink Level, which needs to be noticed here at Point 5 above, Make sure when you Press the Button Quickly, do not pause.

But if this method has been applied but has not produced results at all, that means the problem of your printer is not on the Ink Level, most likely being on the ink pad, the ink pad is full, and your printer must be reset with the help of Resetter Tool.

So first for this tutorial on How to Manually Reset Epson L210 (ink Out Error), good luck if there is something you don't understand you can ask. Thank you

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