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How to Overcome Canon iP2770 Printer Yellow Light Flashing 5 Times

How to Overcome Canon iP2770 Printer Yellow Light Flashing 5 Times

The Canon Pixma iP2770 printer is indeed a low-end printer which (in my opinion) is most suitable for various needs, besides its relatively cheap price, the Canon Pixma iP2770 printer is quite reliable for printing and even photo printing needs (which of course photo quality is also determined by ink quality).

This printer also seems quite popular among people who "lay" on printer maintenance, how not, printers are rarely "fussy" or have problems that are quite complicated handling so difficult for "lay" people to do.

But besides all the advantages, the Canon Pixma iP2770 (especially mine) printer has quite a lot of problems with the cartridge, indeed if the cartridge is problematic or even damaged even though it's enough to replace the cartridge, without having to replace the printer as a whole.

My Canon Pixma iP2770 printer has, for example, at least two cartridge changes (color cartridge and black cartridge) in these 4 years, it seems wasteful if calculated from the expenditure to buy a cartridge.

The price of the black cartridge is around Rp. 100,000 to Rp. 175,000 and the color cartridge is more expensive, around Rp. 200,000 to Rp. 250,000 (the price in your area or in other areas may be more expensive or cheaper).

Yellow LED Flashes 5x, Indication of Error on Cartridge
When the yellow indicator light flashes five times (no less, no more), then ends with a green indicator light that blinks once, this indicates there is a problem with the cartridge.

Usually, the problem is only the chip on the cartridge that is dirty because of accidental ink splashes when filling ink directly on the cartridge (not on the infusion bottle), or maybe the cartridge has been damaged (due to usage) and the sensor on the printer suggests replacing the cartridge.

Clean the Cartridge Chip
Dirty cartridges (especially the chip parts) can cause problems with the printer, so cleaning the cartridge chip can be a solution to overcome cartridge error problems, along with the steps:

1. Remove the two cartridges from the printer
To remove the Canon Pixma iP2770 cartridge from the printer is very easy, just by opening the cover of the printer, that is by lifting the cover of the printer out of the paper when the printing process and the position of the cartridge are ready to be removed, carefully removing the two cartridges.

2. Clean the chip section (behind the cartridge)
At the back of the cartridge there is a chip (later) connected to the printer motherboard for the process of controlling (monitoring) and monitoring the state of the cartridge when an error occurs in the cartridge, usually, the chip part is problematic.

Use dry and clean tissue to clean the parts of the chip, make sure the cartridge chip is completely clean and dry (don't have stains like ink stains), if there are ink stains that are hard to clean, use a rubber eraser to clean it.

3. Reinstall the cartridge
Be careful, make sure the cartridge is installed correctly and correctly, then close the cover of the printer if you need to do a clean head (or deep clean) after the cartridge is blocked and the printer cover is closed again.

Reset with Resetter, if the Way Above Is Not a Solution

Some printers do provide resetter on the hardware, usually located on the back of the cartridge holder, the resetter is a button, but for the Canon Pixma iP2770 Printer resetter in the form of software, and even then it is not official software from Canon company.

Search for the keyword "ip2770 resetter" on search engines (Google for example), software and how to use it a lot of articles on various websites, but be careful, resetter software is not software released by Canon companies.

Some download links may direct you to links containing malware, adware, etc., or maybe the software you downloaded has been exposed to a virus (or other threat), so it's important for you to make sure the computer is protected by (at least) Anti Virus updated or preferably Internet Security.

Internet Security will scan the URL on the web browser whether it is safe or not to visit, so you will not be trapped in opening a URL containing dangerous content (for computers).

Replace the cartridge (the best and easiest solution) if the two methods above are not a solution

There are two cartridges on the Canon Pixma iP2770 Printer, one black cartridge ("B" for "Black", containing black ink) and another color cartridge ("C" for "Color", which contains color ink Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow )

If you decide to replace the cartridge because of a printer problem that "blinks (5 times)", you should first find out which cartridge is the problem because it could be just one that is damaged (or both).

1. Open the printer cover.
2. Remove the black cartridge (B, Black).
3. Close the printer cover (with only one cartridge, color only).

Then try the printer again, as usual, ignore if there is a warning about the black cartridge (not installed, unknown, etc.) because the black cartridge is not installed (inserted).

If the problem is resolved, it means that the yellow printer indicator lights do not blink (five times) again, it can be ascertained that the black cartridge is the error or damaged, but to make sure you repeat the steps above but the black cartridge but the color cartridge.

Ok, so when the indicator (LED) indicator is yellow on the Canon Pixma iP2770 Printer flashes 5 times (in a row), this indicates a problem with the printer cartridge, the indication is as follows:

Dirty cartridge chip.
The printer misreads the state of the shingga cartridge to be reset with resetter.
One or both cartridges are damaged.

The solution:
Clean the cartridge chip with a dry tissue or soft rubber eraser.
Reset with resetter software (look for the keyword iP2770 resetter).
Replace the cartridge with a new cartridge (one or both).

Yes, that's the discussion about how to deal with the Canon Pixma iP2770 printer whose yellow indicator lights flash 5 times (an indication of error), hopefully useful for reference materials and solutions, keep learning.

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